R.J. Barber, Sr.
1932 - 1961
R.J. Barber, Jr.
1961 - Present
Daily Gospel Broadcast Since 1932

P.O. Box 81 Danville, VA 24543

Rev. R. J. Barber, Sr. founded the Baptist Tabernacle in Danville, VA. in 1931 and the Tabernacle Time radio broadcast in 1932.
Tabernacle Time is presently conducted by Rev. R. J. Barber, Jr. and is the oldest daily religious broadcast in the nation.
Rev. Barber, Sr. preached in churches throughout the United States while being pastor of one of the largest churches in Virginia.
Over one-hundred preachers were commissioned under the ministry of Rev. Barber. Four of his sons have enduring and productive pastorates and other Christian ministries.
The Tabernacle Time radio broadcast was one of the earliest religious programs and has been heard by millions over the past eigty-three years of continuous daily broadcast. 
Rev. R. J. Barber, Jr. answered the call to preach at the age of fourteen. After completing seminary studies in Fort Worth, TX. he founded the Worth Baptist Church there in 1954.
Upon the senior Rev. Barber's death in 1961, "Brother Bob" became pastor of the Baptist Tabernacle in Danville, VA. During Rev. Barber’s pastorate there the church experienced a dramatic growth and in 1973, moved to its current location on Highway 58 East.
Due to health problems Rev. Barber resigned the pastorate of the Baptist Tabernacle in 1986 with the intention of retiring from pastoral duties. However, that was not to be. In 1998 he accepted the pastorate of Spring Garden Presbyterian Church (now Spring Garden Community Church) where he continued another nine years. He then pastored Shiloh Baptist Church in Milton, NC for a number of years.
“Brother Bob” is probably best known for his continuing radio broadcast on Tabernacle Time. He is now into his fifty-third year of service in that venue and continues to speak in local churches. He is equally known for his many years of hospital and nursing home ministries and is a frequent visitor to patients there.

Tabernacle Time continues to be a listener supported broadcast.
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